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Approved Thralen Duskborne - Lunar Knights Application
Primary Character Name: Thralen Duskborne

Character Names: Evanlyn Lindsay,Luxanna Meade,Trask Durden,Astryd Wolfsdottir,Chark Steelclaw,Vlykk,Tyr Gremlock

Account Name: Honorable Walnut.3942

Home World: Dragonbrand

Age: 26

From: ET

What are you looking for in a guild?: A guild that requires only casual involvement due to a busy work and class schedule. Happy to rep, just can\'t be in-game 24/7. Hoping to tackle some Dragonbrand WvW, and higher level PvE content like T4 fractals and an introduction to raiding.

Do you have a microphone or headset?: Yes

Do you have Discord installed?: Yes

Are you willing to install and use Discord?: Yes

If not, tell us why: Not answered

How did you hear about us?: https://gw2.guildex.org/guilds/na

Extra information you\'d like to tell us: Played GW1 for years, mostly PvE with some factions PvP. Been playing GW2 casually since launch.

Your application has been approved.

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