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Approved Alderan Plaguetree - Lunar Knights Application
Primary Character Name: Alderan Plaguetree

Character Names: Alderan Plaguetree, Rosya Purpuru

Account Name: LegitimateFrog.5796

Home World: Dragonbrand

Age: 19

From: New Zealand

What are you looking for in a guild?: Im looking for people to hang out with so I don\'t have to play GW2 alone and looking to reconnect ya know?

Do you have a microphone or headset?: Yes

Do you have Discord installed?: Yes

Are you willing to install and use Discord?: Yes

If not, tell us why: Not answered

How did you hear about us?: Already knew Wink

Extra information you\'d like to tell us: Holy guacamole, its been a while aint it, uhh been getting sick of games im playing rn so loaded up gw2 and remembered the good ol days of the mumble server and y\'all talkin about the weirdest shit a 16 year old ever did hear. Good stuff. HMU if youre keen to catch up mate.

Your application has been approved.

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