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Approved Csert - Lunar Knights Application
Primary Character Name: Csert

Character Names: Cert, Cert Plagueleaf, Fritz Tabernackle, Cert Firepaw, Gurt Gurt, Whiskers Mc Gurt, Keira Wolfbane

Account Name: certmcgurt.6547

Home World: Dragonbrand

Age: 28

From: California

What are you looking for in a guild?: Laid back people willing to help someone new (or returning) to the game. I\'m interested in eventually trying Raids and Fractals. So far I enjoy leveling and exploring in GW2, but very interested in getting to the endgame as well.

Do you have a microphone or headset?: Yes

Do you have Discord installed?: Yes

Are you willing to install and use Discord?: Yes

If not, tell us why: Not answered

How did you hear about us?: gw2.guildex.org

Extra information you\'d like to tell us: I used to be in a hardcore raiding guild in WoW, from BC to mid-Cataclysm, but the guild I\'d been in since BC fell apart so I quit MMO\'s for a while. Got the itch again and decided to give GW2 another shot and am really enjoying it. I\'m older now and don\'t have time for hardcore raiding anymore, but would love a chance to still experience it in a more casual sense in GW2. I\'ll probably be rusty at first (and am admittedly pretty new to GW2 mechanics), but I\'m a fast learner!

Your application has been approved.

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