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Secret Santa 2016 signup
The Christmas Party date will be on December 26, 2016.

You can now sign up for our Secret Santa event. Simply log in (create an account if necessary) and post a reply to this thread!

This year we will be exchanging Minipets once again so please list at least one mini. We may also include a little something extra and fun like tonics for your wishlist. If you have a wishlist - be it bonus items, dyes, etc. - be sure to post it.
Be sensible, no precursors or anything beyond the scope of this event, please.

Additionally, due to the change in how minipets function we are looking to raise the gold cap on minipets. This can also be discussed, but we would like to make sure that everyone will be included.

Attendance is not required. Gifts can be placed in the Guild Deep Cave or mailed directly to me for safe keeping. If you are unable to attend the party, when you return to game you will have your gift waiting for you in the in-game mail.
  • Signup list closes December 22nd.

At this point in time I've been thinking about a 30G cap for minipets. Just as a heads up. Smile

Secret Santa 2015:

Wishlist format:
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
Code to copy:
First come list:
  1. AtlasUmbra
  2. Toshar
  3. Krista (Akidra)
  4. Asuna
  5. Serena
  6. Sunnie
  7. Bears
  8. Sword1781 (Ryeordan)
  9. twinschick (Elina Riley)
  10. NecroBalrog (Stone Snarl)
  11. Sir Lagginton
I hope I did this correctly!

  1. storm imp
  2. mordrem teragriff
  3. holographic risen knight
  4. toxic hybrid
Bonus List! All also under 30G.
  1. midnight sky dye
  2. midnight fire dye
  3. royal blue dye
Beyond this place of Wrath and tears, looms but the horror of the shade. The menace of the years finds and shall find me unafraid.
I cannot wait!

1. Eir Stegalkin
2. Pocket Raptor
3. Itzel Bladedancer

bonus list:

1. White dye
2. Deep Glacial Teal dye
3. Ominous Yellow Dye
You can decide to get one or two, or even all three. Or multiples of the 3rd option. Or even just the dye. Prices for each individual item does not exceed 30g.
  1. Amber Quantic Dipole
  2. Azure Denaturizing Agent
  3. Deldrimor Steel Ingots

  1. Shiver Sky Dye
My wish list Blush

1.Thailog the Gargoyle
2.Eir Stegalkin
3.Spirit Wood Logs (crafting is cheaper)
Angel Bonus Angel
Reading Glasses maybe? Hehe Dodgy
My wish list ^^

1. Mini Twisted Watchwork Moa
2. Mini tybalt
3. Mini vampire Bat

1. Ominous Yellow Dye
2. Glacial Sky Dye
3. Shiver Sky Dye
I gotta list!! Wahoo~ You don't need to get everything <3

  1. Cyanide Dye
  2. Shadow Magenta Dye
  3. Mini Pocket Raptor

  1. Enameled Perseverance Dye

I just really really love dyes >w>
Happy Wintersday all Smile

1: This one was just under 30 when i listed him but the Mini Twisted Watchwork Moa
2: Mini Twisted Horror (I have all of the other Watchwork type minis but these two)
3: Mini White Moa

BONUS: Any T6 mats. 20% through Kudzu III: Leaf Of Kudzu, just working on the garden collection. Already have Gift of Mastery and Gift of Explorer. So close been wanting that damn legendary bow since day one of game Tongue
Happy Wintersday Everyone!

In no particular order:
Mini Poobadoo
Mini Snowman
Glint's Isolation Dye
Oxeblood Dye

Thanks all.
Woo, Secret Santa! 
  1. Mini Eir Stegalkin
  2. Mini Ember
  3. Mini Snow Leopard
Bonus items:
  1. Midnight fire dye
  2. Midnight ice dye
  3. Quartz crystals
Shiny, shiny!!!
  1. Mini Ember
  2. Mini Snowman
  3. Mini Icebrood Quaggan
  1. Starry Night Dye
  2. Sapphire Dye
  3. White Gold Dye
Mini Pocket Raptor
Mini Charr Car
Mini Snow Leopard

Midnight Fire
Signups have closed.

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