Which date would work best for the Secret Santa event?
December 23
December 24
December 25
December 26
Other (See post reply below)
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When should we have our Secret Santa for 2016?
Things are going to be interesting this year. Missions also fall on Christmas Day.

Because we will definitely be having our traditional Secret Santa I'd like to know what date would work best for everyone. In the past we would typically have the event on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Since several have voiced their concern about how they might miss the festivities I'm making a poll to see if there might be a better day for everyone.

Go ahead and vote for when would work best for you!

The Secret Santa signup list will appear on December 1, 2016. I'll be sure to echo announcements on Facebook and Steam for the opening of the signups.

This poll will close on December 14, 2016. This is so a date can be set and allow people to know when they can send in their gifts at the latest.
I'm pretty sure that I should be fine for Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas but if we need to move it to the next week or the week after I'm always up for that! This is probably my favorite Guild event of the year and I cannot wait exclamation point
The poll has closed. Results are in: December 26th is when we'll have our Secret Santa event!

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