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You Spoke, We Listened - Guild Improvements 2015
Thank you to each and everyone one of you who are a part of this incredible community. We continue to grow and become something better because of having truly outstanding members. I’d also like to say thanks to everyone who was able to leave feedback about how we can improve the guild. This information has been read over both as we received it and once the thread came to a close. We received a great volume of feedback that is going to be addressed in this post.
  • Communication improvements.
    Thanks to the release of Heart of Thorns the Message of the Day displays when you log in, when you switch representation, and when an edit/update is made to the Message of the Day. – Source

    In order to help improve communication within the guild we need to raise awareness of the resources available.
    • Improve usage of Forums, Mumble, and Steam group.
      Forums are the central location for the most information about the guild. We need more people to make use of these so they can keep up-to-date with all things related to the guild.
      Mumble is great for actively communicating with fellow guild members. The more people we have active on Mumble, the faster and more efficiently we’ll start groups for dungeons, Fractals, world bosses, and any other content you can think of.
      Steam group is also a valuable resource for event notifications, along with notifications of announcements, and the benefits of using Steam. Those benefits include the Steam Overlay which has a browser, allows chatting on Steam while in-game, and getting notifications of announcements and events.
      We also have the Facebook group, which allows further communication and lets us post some more fun, non-serious and serious alike subject matter.
    Chat has been an issue that has been mentioned and falls here under communication. We have been actively working to make guild chat seem more alive. So far it has been much more lively and a success thus far. This is something that truly takes each and every person to start and help with resolving this problem. Strike up a conversation; ask about doing something like world bosses, dungeons, Fractals, or just general chit-chat. Not everyone will be able to reply or even see the message depending on what they’re doing. People are talking much more and the improvement has been showing. So keep it up with striking up these great conversations and never be afraid to ask the guild any questions!
  • Improvements are being made to representation.
    Keep in mind that people joined this community because of the atmosphere. We’re laid back, relaxed, yet we can still be hardcore and fun too. Show you appreciate the environment we have – represent with us – it’s a great way to show support and a way of giving back to the community that you were interested in joining!
    One such change that will be happening is a faster demotion timeframe than we have had previously. If you're not representing for a majority of the month you will be removed from the guild. We are not forcing constant representation and really don’t want to. However, we also will not tolerate people who are leechers – using us for guild missions or as an LFG system – you joined to be a part of our community, respect those whom you joined and game with.
    Exceptions will be made if people who are going to be inactive/away tell us. This can also be done by posting on the forums.
  • Redoing ranks.
    We've removed the Page rank; it was redundant and would not fit into the updated system we're going with.
    We edited the Missing rank. Voyager is designed for those who notify us that they will be away from the game.
    We’ve added a rank called Vanguard to show our event leaders. These members of our community will get this rank to clearly show they’re an event leader. It will be a rank above Marshal and have the same requirements.
  • Increase guild based events.
    Guild Missions will have a new time. With the results of the poll as of this post, we’ll be changing the Guild Mission time from 9PM ET/6PM PT to 8PM ET/5PM PT. We would like to add a makeup day for Guild Missions if the new system allows it. Once we see how things go we'll explore a make-up day further.
    Existing group events:
    • Sunday: Guild Missions
    • Monday: Mapclear Mondays
    • Tuesday: Free
    • Wednesday: Formerly WvW Raid
    • Thursday: Free
    • Friday: Fractals Fridays
    • Saturday: Formerly WvW Raid
    • Sunday: Guild Missions
    • Monday: Free
    • Tuesday: Tutorial Tuesdays - Fractals
    • Wednesday: Silverwasted Wednesday
    • Thursday: Tutorial Thursdays - Dungeons
    • Friday: Fractals Fridays
    • Saturday: Free – Raids will potentially happen on this day.
    *These events are subject to change and be fine tuned. The free slots may be taken by specific Heart of Thorns related content and events.
    Player Run Events have been proposed, most of these will be monthly/bi-monthly.
    Proposed player run events:
    • Lottery
    • Jump Puzzles
    • PvP Tournaments
    • Fashion Shows (Because we all know Bats Mesmer looks better than Zeny’s Mesmer!)
    • WvW Groups

    I’ll be introducing the events in full along with a list of who will be running each event in the near future.

Thank you once again everyone for reading through this lengthy post. I’m really looking forward to all the changes that are coming. The calendar here on the forums will get updated as well for the new events. I’ve got more in store in the coming months relating to these updates.

Looking Good! I'll try and make the guild missions, as they are going to be slightly earlier.  FASHION SHOW!!!
Tarun - "Fashion Shows (Because we all know Bats Mesmer looks better than Zeny’s Mesmer!)"

Not only that, but I'm also British. I even sound better.
Sorry Zeny, there's just no way you can win. I'm the Mesmer of this guild.
And the rather pretty pink gauntlet has just hit the floor.......FASHION WARS!!! Let the battle commence!!!
Still no fashion wars Sad lol One thing I thought of tonight reading the forum, for important posts like raid info or such users shld post a simple "Have Read" or some such so Tarun knows who has reada nd if a ? comes up he could say well u said u read it or i see u havnt read that forum post yet Smile just a idea
Undecided Forgive my typing above really tired
Really glad i found this page... I had no idea what was going on all the time.  This looks really organized!!  Good Job!


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